What Services does Vancouver Industrial Painting provide?


Abrasive Blasting

Acoustical Ceiling Painting

Antimicrobial Coatings

Chemical Stripping

Confined Space Work

Dry Ice Blasting

Elastomeric Coatings

Electrostatic Painting

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Factory Painting

Factory Cleaning

Fireproofing & Intumescent Coating

Fire Damage

Environmentally Friendly Painting

Graffiti Removal

Graphics & Imaging

Immersible Coatings

Masonry Repairs

Maintenance Painting Programs

Machinery Painting

Metal Siding

Overhead Ceiling Specialists

Pressure Washing

Roof Coatings

Restoration Services

Soda Blasting

Sand Blasting

Silo Painting

Ski Lift Painting

Sprinkler & Pipe Painting

Structural Steel Coating

Tank Painting

Tuck Pointing

Waterproofing & Joint Caulking


What markets does Vancouver Industrial Painting service?


Auto Dealerships

Assisted Living Facilities

Airport Painting

Banquet Facilities

Bars and Restaurants

Bridge Sandblasting


Apartments and Condominiums

Casino Painting

Chemical and Petro Chemical Coatings

Clergy & Religious Organizations

Data Centres

Department Stores

Electric Utilities

Entertainment Industry

Funeral Services Painting

Fast-Food Chains

Gas Station Painting

Fitness Facilities

Home Builders

High Rise Painting


Industrial Communications Equipment Painting

Insurance & Real Estate

Law Firms

Manufacturing Facilities

Medical Facilities

Hotel Painting

Office Buildings

Parking Garage Painting

Pipeline Painting

Power Transmission Plant Painting

Pulp & Paper Industry

Retail Store Painting

Stadium and Arena Painting

Ski Lift Industry

Structural Steel Painting

Schools & Universities

Swimming Pool Sandblasting and Painting

Shopping Centres

Tank Painting and Sandblasting

Waste Water Treatment Facility Painting


Do you have employees or do you use subs?


Employees only.


How many years have you been in operation?


12 yrs in Toronto and 20 yrs in Vancouver


Has your company ever had any deaths or accidents?


Thankfully none of the above.


Do you guarantee your work?


We offer anywhere from a 2 yr to a 10 guarantee on all work performed.   Different customers have different budgets and sometimes a less expensive job is completed with a 2-3 yr guaranteed.  Typically the job entails using lower end products so the guarantee reflects the expected performance of the coatings. For the "proper" more thorough jobs, our guarantee is between 5-10 yrs.


What are your terms of payment?


All jobs are different with varying demands.  Budgets and terms of payment are discussed  with customer on a job by job basis.