Silo Painting

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  1. Another challenge with silos and tanks is the fact that you're spraying a vertical surface and the chances of sagging paint is very high unless you have an expert on the trigger. Even experienced 'trigger men' can squeeze a little too much product out and have cascading paint within 5 minutes and the only thing to do is to have an 'emergency roller' readily available to stop the sagging. This is fine for exterior towers where quality is expected but perfection is not but becomes more challenging with smaller interior tanks where the finish is sometimes expected to be like that of a car.
    • When we painted 100's of towers on Whistler and Blackcomb mountains one of the challenges we had was exposure to the elements, as always, but also the alpine environment created some challenges. It gets pretty cold on top of a mountain at night..even in the summer, so that any silo or tower we painted had to be done pretty much by 2 pm to allow enough dry time before darkness set in and the temp dropping real quickly. In other words, on a mountain you don't *start* to paint a tower at the end of the day because it will never dry and will experience serious discolouration by morning.
      • A few of the challenges we face when painting silos are: 1) access: rope, scaffolding or boom? 2) roll or spray? If we spray then how close are vehicles etc? 3) what product to use? So many products on the market it's important to do a lot of due diligence on products.

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